About Hummer Safaris WA

As the owner of the tour operation with experience running, driving and developing tours across many countries over a number of years.  This business was born due to little change in the tour experience being offered out of Perth Western Australia for decades. Just seeing the tour destinations to tick off the bucket list is not really enough.

Because we have an extensive activity based and commercial tour experience background, we have brought a fresh, and exciting offering to the traveling public and tourists. I hope to see you on tour at some stage.

We definitely are not a budget Day operator, but we can guarantee value for money on a trip you might only take once in your life, so make it count.  We do not follow the norm and we do fit significantly more into the day because we do not operate coaches, only Luxury 4wd and Hummers which give us flexibility and access as opposed to having to walk.  4WD vehicles are fully functional and surprisingly extremely luxurious and comfortable. They would be the best 4wd’s I have operated.

All our drivers go through an extensive 4WD and Maintenance program before they are permitted to undertake a tour. They typically are more experienced than most and know the limitations of the vehicle, to ensure you do not have to worry about getting out of 4WD situations. Be assured though, we carry the latest of all communications equipment including satellite communications and recovery equipment. We have never broken down yet!! Touch wood. Anything other than the latest 4wd range might be questionable.

We all have a passion for the industry and will do our very best to ensure you have a memorable day out. If you have any charter requests for South West Tours or Other destinations, we are able to accommodate in most cases.

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