Wave Rock Full Day Safari Tour - Itinerary

Wave Rock Full day including Mundaring Weir Safari Tour ($375 AU PPerson)
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7am - Be collected by your luxury Hummer, and head up into the darling ranges out through Kalamunda where the famous Bibbulmun track begins, the Bibbulmun track extends 1000 kms in 9 stages and caters for many die hard hikers and mountain bikers.

We travel along the scenic route towards Mundaring weir stopping at the south look out passing by the Power line track which is popular 4wd day trip of about 24kms. we do a few kms on it conditions permitting.

The Bibbulmun track pops out at the south ledge and continues on its way. From this vantage point we can get our first look at the Weir.

The Mundaring Weir is Perth's main source of drinking water and as such no water sports are allowed on it. It is fed by other Dams and desalination plants.

We arrive at the Famous turn of the century Mundaring Weir Hotel about 8.15 am for a coffee before the gates to the Weir open at 8.30am, the Mundaring Hotel is a popular spot for weekend motorcyclists coming up to spend the day and see some of the entertainment that is put on regular.

The Mundaring weir carries significant history including the tragic story of CY O'Connor, the engineer that took his own life because he thought the pipeline he built to send water to the goldfields was a failure.

What CY O'Connor didn't take into account was the time the water would take to get to Kalgoorlie some 600km away, so when they turned the pipeline on, nothing came through for days, and unfortunately CY took his own life before the water came out the other end. Those who like photography will find this area a treat for some spectacular shots.
The Old York Hospital

Getting away from Mundaring weir about 8.45-9am we make a beeline for York arriving about 9.45, which is the oldest inland town in WA featuring many Victorian and federation buildings including the old hospital and asylim which is claimed to be one of the most haunted establishments in Australia.

Many of the old 1800's buildings have been restored and the town itself is an attractive weekend getaway from the city.

 From York we head toward Quairading turning off toward Corrigin stopping at a couple of sections of the Rabbit proof fence, the Rabbit proof fence is the longest fence in the world, spanning over 3000 kms.

Just Before coming into Corrigin we have a quick stop at the Dog Cemetery, which is a tribute to mans best friend and is still very well maintained by the locals.

Making our way through Corrigin and Kondinin to Arrive at Hyden and the Wave Rock for Lunch at about 12.30, which could be at the Hyden Motel or the Wave Rock Cafe.

After Lunch we get up close to the Wave Rock and climb up onto it, it is well worth the trip as it is an awesome location for photos. Also Visiting Hippos Yawn rock formations and Mulkas Cave all over the next hour and a half.

 Head back toward Perth at about 3pm, we will stop in at the Hyden motel where you can have a beer, softdrink or wine before heading back to Perth along the Brookton Hwy getting in at about 6.30pm. It It is a long day, but you will fit a lot in and there are refreshments and snacks on board.


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